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Several Italian restaurants are situated in Canada. These eateries are known for the quality of Italian cuisines served. These top eateries have reached their best levels through the help of top chefs who have specialized in the preparation of Italian meals. Some of the eating places in Canada that offer Italian dishes include the following.

Blu Ristorante

The Blu Ristorante is an Italian eatery located in Toronto Yorkville, Canada. This Canadian dining location has a good romantic atmosphere and tasty Italian delicacies. Guests can enjoy live music as they take their meals. Quality services here are guaranteed because of the professional service providers.

The Italian Eatery

The Italian Eatery located in Canada is an ideal place to satisfy you with Italian dishes. The 4.3-star diner is perfect for kids and also people who are in groups. It has a cozy and casual atmosphere. Currently, the restaurant is closed, but it is offering takeaway services.


Carisma is an Italian restaurant based in Canada which is currently offering takeaway services because it is closed. Home deliveries are not available. The Italian foods served are accompanied by a rich wine list. Reviews from regular guests show that people enjoy the meals and the services.

The Italian Farmhouse Restaurant & Bar

The Italian Farmhouse is based in Canada, and it offers both dine-in and takeaway services. Some of the dining options available include lunch, dinner, and dessert, among others. There is a variety of menus, including the vegetarian option and also a kids menu.

Trattoria Taverniti

This is a 4.5-star restaurant that offers some of the best Italian meals in Canada. Guests hosted here get to enjoy an outdoor seating is they feel the serene environment around. Some of the dishes include pizza and pasta. Groups can also be accommodated here because of the available facilities. You can utilize their takeaway services from home.