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Eating can be seen as one of the world’s easiest tasks, but, nevertheless, there are certain rules you should observe while dining at Italian restaurants. If you observe the required etiquette, you will have an easy time at such places. If you don’t maintain good standards of behaviour, however, you could end up being thrown out of the establishment. Etiquette to be observed at such eateries includes the following:

Basic Table Manners

Table manners may differ for those eating as a group and those taking their meals individually. For groups, if you are at an Italian dinner party, you should not begin to eat until you are told, ‘Buón appetito!’ which in English means ‘Good appetite!’ You should also be sure to mind your manners, as you do when visiting https://playamo-ca.casino/no-deposit-bonus to play games.


When eating Italian food, there is a specific way to handle all the utensils. For example, if a meal involves the use of forks and knives, you shouldn’t switch them between hands. Each should stay with a certain hand, with the fork in the left and the knife in the right. If you are not finished with your meal, both utensils should remain on either side of the plate. Setting them parallel to each other, with the fork facing downwards, means you are done and the plate can be taken away.


When dining at an Italian restaurant, you should place both your hands on top of the table, especially when you are not holding cutlery. Both hands should always be visible in a resting position, using the wrists rather than the elbows.

Table Settings

The spoon and fork positioned on top of the plate are meant only for desserts. Glasses are typically produced after meals. Different glasses are meant for different drinks: one for water, one for red wine, and one for white wine.